Willow and Moxie are best friends living in different towns.  They met at school and bonded over strange homemade lunches and a shared loathing of their given names.  Nowadays they share a wicked sense of humour, a love of cycling,  and an appreciation of organic beer.  And of course a passion for handmade!  They secretly call themselves Style Detectives and enjoy hunting down the very best handcrafted wares.

Full name: Willow Peace-Agent Aquamarine
Day job: Librarian
Other: Vegetarian, gardener
Willow is the daughter of hard core hippies.  She's no longer embarrassed to reveal her full name, but she does prefer just Willow.  She's a demon on the sewing machine, dabbles in a bit of painting and knits for relaxation.  She lives in a small town in a house she's just bought with her boyfriend Leith.

Real name: Edith
Day job: Creating compelling jewellery
Other: Daydreamer
Moxie nicknamed herself when she was 14 (wouldn't you?).  According to the dictionary, moxie also means vigour, verve and pep.  And it rhymes with foxy.  She lives in the city with Frankie the cat in a tiny apartment with a lovely view.