Dear Willow

Photos of your place pleeeeeease! It sounds so sweet (and teensy), I hope there's enough room for me to come and stay!

Frankie and I are doing just fine. Apart from a couple of small disagreements about when breakfast time should be (was it you that trained him to expect food at 6am?) we're completely marvellous. I have to say I was a bit reluctant when you insisted that I take him with me but he's been an excellent - albeit haughty - ally on this new adventure. He's really taken to city living.

You know those strawberry plants I'm tending with the utmost care? Results! My first harvest:

Very proud of myself.

Can't wait to see you guys. I've already found a couple of cute places to shop (and eat, we must not forget the eating) so we'll have ourselves an adventure.

Love ya!

Moxie xx

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