Dear Willow

Your garden... oh... no words.  So so so beautiful and so very you.  I shall henceforth refer your place as Willow Cottage, and to hell with the corniness (is that a word?  It is now).  But don't think I haven't noticed the lack of interior shots!  I'm betting you have some major redecorating planned so I can wait, but it'd be good to see some 'before' pictures.  Actually I'll probably just visit to see for myself because, despite the awesomeness of the city and the fun newness of it all, I feel just the tiniest bit homesick.  Sad huh?

Not so much party-going happening but I have met some lovely girls at a class I've been taking.  Don't laugh okay?  I'm learning to sew! I've been thoroughly ashamed at my lack of talent on the sewing machine so I figured now was a good time to learn and get to know some people here at the same time. I'm making a top from this Liberty fabric:

I got it from Lilymeru on Etsy

Ummmm what else?  Okay well no boys.  Except Frankie.  I'm all good being the cat lady for now.

You know how I've been wanting a tattoo for quite some time now?  I think the day may be coming when I actually go through with it.  Living in a new and vibrant place is so inspirational.  I do think it's strange that tattoos have to 'mean' something.  Can it not simply be another way to express the kind of person you are, much like your fashion choices?  A more permanent statement for sure, but does it need to be anything more than pure decoration?  It has me pondering.  And browsing the net of course.  These ladies are inspiring me:

via The Sartorialist

above two photos from here

via Vintage Obscura

I'd like the glamour and class of the first, the sex appeal of the second, the headband of the third, and the fourth, well... probably the tatts!  I'm pretty sure I could rock that look.  Anyway, would love to know what you think.  Oh and ask a favour - do you reckon you'd be able to visit when I get it done?  It'd be scary to go all on my lonesome (imagine pitiful, lost puppy look here).

I'll let you know when I organise a date to visit.  Hurrah!

Love Moxie xxxxx

PS: Also check out Scott Campbell's tattoo work.  A-maz-ing.


  1. This lady is my dream tattooist: http://www.jennliles.com/index.html

    Oh, and yay for learning to sew.

  2. Ohh I loooooove the first one! I have been contemplating adding to my tattoo collection (a grand total of one, haha). I just need to get onto it and design something I adore. I'm thinking floral...
    Love your work ladies xx


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