Oh you!

Dear Moxie

Sorry it's been so long since I wrote.  Do not speak to me of redecorating - I'm still unpacking!  I temporarily misplaced the laptop under a rather large pile of random mess but it has finally been unearthed.  Hallelujah!  I was going a bit crazy without my internet fix.

I'm so happy to hear you're learning to sew!!  It'll change your life, seriously.  And that fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

As for a tattoo... well I can only say I'm totally jealous. You know I love the idea, but I'm such a wimp I'd never go through with it. I can't wait to see what you come up with, maybe it will finally convince me to take the plunge.  And of course I'll be there to hold your hand, silly!

Anyway, enough about you. I'm getting a new bike! These are my ultimate picks- perhaps a little out of my price range but hey, might as well dream big I reckon.

Studine Classic by Velorbis

Studine Balloon by Velorbis

Oh. So. Beautiful.  *Sigh*  Time to start searching for something second hand, methinks. I simply MUST have a basket and a bell, and if I look this cute when I'm out a-peddlin, well that's just gravy.

via The Sartorialist

And also, I'm planning to get a cool ride for little miss Pearl this Christmas.  Cycling ahoy!

Pickle tricycle by Pashley

I'll have to run it past big sis (just to make sure she isn't already getting one for her) but can you see us out on a casual rides through the park?  Picnics!  Oh it's going to be so marvellous.  Hanging out with a three year old is pretty excellent.

So have you started thinking about Christmas yet?  Are you coming home?  You can't spend Christmas alone in the city...come back and we'll have a party!!

Love you,

ps. kisses to Frankie!


  1. I want those bikes. yes, both of them. screw it, I want the tricycle too.

  2. I dream of owning a Pashley Princess. Even the name is glorious! Now, if only they would make a helmet that didn't make one look ridiculous!

  3. Check out http://mamachari.co.nz/ they import used japanese bikes and do them up... beautiful!


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