the view from my bedroom and other stuff to make you jealous

Dear Moxie,

So you wanted photos!? Check it out!

This is what I wake up to every morning...gee it's a hard life...

Then after Leith makes me breakfast in bed (HA!) I wander down my cute little path...

...and wonder when all those parcels you're planning to send me will arrive (is that enough of a hint for ya?!)...

...I walk back past the wildflower bed, left by the previous owners...

...who also left...

...STRAWBERRIES! Just like yours...although your one's were so pretty, are you sure you grew them yourself?!

So how have you been anyway? I bet you're loving city life. Bet you haven't missed me at all...sniff, sniff. Anyway, I'm dying to hear, so tell all!! Glamorous parties? Boys? Fantastic shops?

Write soon,
Love Willow


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